Education, Athletics & Excellence Scholarship Foundation golf tournament fundraiser Port Charlotte nonprofit


First, let me thank you for your interest in the Education, Athletics and Excellence Scholarship Foundation (EAE).

The mission of EAE Scholarship Foundation is to provide financial assistance and guidance to students who want to excel in education and/or athletics. In addition, we will promote personal growth thru family values, strong leadership skills, and accountability for one’s own life. The foundation's objective is not only to provide financial assistance but, thru various programs and activities, help the under privileged youth to succeed in academics, and athletics. Also, there will be programs designed to creatively inspire and help at-risk youth to succeed with the goal of eradicating poverty through education. By providing educational support, supplies, tools and donations, the Education, Athletics and Excellence Scholarship Foundation will help anyone willing to thrive and achieve goals well beyond their own expectation. With this being said, here are some words from the EAE founder Rhondy Weston.

As I reflect on the days of playing football in high school, college and professionally; I am very grateful for the opportunity and life lessons learned. This platform has allowed me to fulfill my potential in the classroom, on the football field, in my community and as an individual. There has been a lot of people (coaches, teammates, friends, counselors and teachers) who have impacted and influenced my life. I have taken something from each one of them, and everywhere I have gone I have taken those lessons with me. For all the people that helped shaped my life and continue to be a part of my life, I thank you for having a hand in making me the person I am today.

I have experienced the value of someone extending a hand to help another when needed. Growing up in Belle Glade, Florida, my family didn’t have much but, as a family we survived by sharing and helping one another. Everyone contributed to the household by working or taking care of the daily household duties. At that time of my life, I thought that we were poor because we lacked material items and our living conditions weren’t the best. However, as a teenager I realized how fortunate I really was. I’m grateful to have learned to survive on less. My surroundings fueled my dreams of wanting more. I’m thankful for my family who supported and believed in me. I’m also grateful for the many people who had such an impact on my life and encouraged me to dream big. I remember the advice I got as a teen, “be kind, respect others, and always help others if and when you can”.

My foundation will be based on those words and committed to helping others to achieve their dreams. EAE Scholarship Foundation will work with other organizations to help fulfill the need in the community and the desire of the less fortunate to reach their full potential despite their circumstances. The goal of this foundation is to get young people into believing, dreaming and striving for a better life.